Oncology Nurses

It is often said that nurses are the heart of health care. The field of oncology nursing, in particular, is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding fields in nursing.

For those with cancer, oncology nurses are the ones who are there for us during our most difficult and intimate moments in life, the ones at our bedside, educating us, encouraging us. They are also the ones behind the scenes, communicating with our doctors, coordinating our care and keeping us safe.

Who are oncology nurses?

Nurses join the profession for a reason. It’s who they are. They are the healers, the helpers, the caregivers of the world.

When nurses choose to work in an oncology setting, they understand there will be challenges, and they do it anyway. They make sacrifices for their patients every day. During a time when you need help the most, it’s a nurse who will right by your side.

Parking for the Infusion Center: Park at the North Entrance and walk to the Visitor Entrance take the elevator to the third floor and turn to the right, there will be signage.

Our Infusion Center is located on the third floor of the hospital overlooking the chapel garden. There are 6 treatment areas with 2 having private rooms.

The recliners have heat and massage features. Each chair space has their own TV. Our patients are provided with a meal and snacks if they desire. We strive to make this a positive experience while you are battling cancer.

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