Chemotherapy – Your First Treatment Day

Who Can Come with You

Bring 1 or 2 people with you for your first treatment as we will be doing more teaching and it's a good idea to have an “extra set of ears”. We encourage and support your family and friends to accompany you for your treatments, but we do have to limit the number to 2 visitors at a time. No visitors under the age of 16.


Wear comfortable clothing. Eat your normal breakfast but avoid fatty foods. Take your normal morning medications unless specifically instructed not to do so by your doctor or nurse.

Your Comfort

You will be seated in a recliner for your treatment. You will have a “roommate”. There a few side chairs for your family. You are welcome to bring a blanket, but we can provide blankets and pillows if you request one.

Meals and Cafeteria Service

The patient can order a meal from the cafeteria to be provided during treatment. This is a free service. Meal orders need to be placed by 11:00 am. If the tray is ordered after 11:00, it will likely be after 1:30 pm before a tray arrives. We have water, coffee, soda, tea, and ensure available. There is a microwave and small refrigerator if you bring your own items.

Family members are welcome to eat with the patient in the treatment area. We can heat something up in the microwave or you can bring a meal up from the cafeteria and we can return the tray.

Treatment Chairs and What Else to Bring

All of the treatment chairs have heat and massage and their own TV. You are welcome to bring a laptop, book, or something else to do if your treatment will take some time. We do have free WiFi.

Help Filling Out FMLA, Disability Papers, Etc.

We are happy to assist you by completing FMLA and or Disability paperwork you may need due to your treatments. The nurse will complete them but we ask you to submit them to the office nurse as soon as possible because turnaround time can take up to a month.

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